Download RoaringCore 10.7

TERMS OF USE: I assume no responsibility for any problems you have with this. I do not claim to have developed this, as it is just a modified version of 10.7 Beta that I had installed on my old MacBook before the installer expired. If Apple requests for me to take this down, I must comply. Software is copyright 2011 by Apple, Inc. I cannot guarantee this download works due to the fact I couldn’t wait 2 hours to download it from Google’s servers in order to test it, but the original file prior to upload worked. Please let me know if it does not work, or if it does. Now enjoy Lion:


Video guide (thanks to jinjo235 on YouTube):

Contact me:

@chic_tyler on twitter.



3 responses to “Download RoaringCore 10.7

  1. unfortunately, I’ve been getting a bad crc error on the file when trying to unzip it with zipeg.

  2. I get an error when the download is about 50%. Do you have an .torrent of it?

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