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Roaring Core Beta 2 release

2015 Update: While still functional, you’re much better off using Snow Leopard as your daily driver OS. It’s received several more years of security updates and application support.

It’s finally out. After a year of being down, I can rerelease it. iTunes works (although only with iOS 4.2.x and below devices) in this release, and it no longer has my address and phone number stored in Address Book. It also is about 2GB smaller of a download. I cannot recommend you use this as your only OS due to the fact it’s a year and half old beta of Lion (some software support issues) but it certainly is worth installing to check out the new, Mission Control, LaunchPad, Full screen apps, and more. Unfortunately, this predates iCloud, so it does not give you those online syncing features with iPhoto. Right after compiling RoaringCoreB2 I actually found RoaringCoreB1 on my friends HDD that had been lost. Still, it’s worth not giving away where I live.

TERMS OF USE: I assume no responsibility for any problems you have with this. I do not claim to have developed this, as it is just a modified version of 10.7 Beta that I had installed on my old MacBook before the installer expired. If Apple requests for me to take this down, I must comply. Software is copyright 2011 by Apple, Inc. I cannot guarantee this download works due to the fact I couldn’t wait 2 hours to download it from Google’s servers in order to test it, but the original file prior to upload worked. Please let me know if it does not work, or if it does. Now enjoy Lion:


Contact me:


@chic_tyler on twitter.

Update 1:

Video Guide from a user:


A new hope

Its been nearly a year without any updates. Let me explain. I had it hosted through someones server. I really didn’t want to deal with breaking it up in a RAR or doing a torrent. Too many people were desperate to get Lion on their older machines, and it was causing too much strain on his server, so he cut it after about a month. at this point, i had a shiny new MacBook Air, and had lost hope. I gave up. In the past year, I’ve received emails just about everyday. People want Lion. Finally, someone emailed me offering to host it, and I figured, what the hell, I’ll give it another chance. So, I’m informing you I found the older files, and hope to get it back available ASAP. No ETA’s yet, and I can’t guarantee it even works (haven’t seen it run in a year, after all, it was beta 1 of Lion, Apple could easily set an expiration date like Microsoft does with beta software. I do know you can no longer do a clean install of the betas, but Roaring Core was a clone of a previous install). Thanks for all the responses I’ve received from this. We’ll see where it goes.



Download NOW!

Thanks to Keith Thomson providing his server, we now have our Roaring Core build uploaded and ready to download! A written guide is within the zip file, please follow it. I’ll post the video later today, I promise.


File hosting

I finished the build. It is totally working. One problem I realized after compressing the file, no free file hosting allows you to upload 5.88GB at one time. FileDropper has the most at 5GB. All I need is a paid account for file hosting that allows 6GB or more per file, unless you can find a free one that allows 6GB or more of space. Please consider donating to the project so I don’t need to put it in a torrent file (we all hate them). I also will need a little bit of money to get external drives to expand the project, as well as more development tools to fix problems with it. But for now, I just need enough money to get proper file hosting. If you donate, you are helping the entire 32-bit Intel Mac community.

Lion on unsupported machines

July 20, 2011. A day that will go down in history (or at least Wikipedia and in the brains of many Apple fanboy’s) as the end of the MacBook era. Not only was the MacBook discontinued, but the still powerful 2006 models were lost in support for Lion. All Intel Core Duo and Core Solo Mac’s were now stuck on the aging (but still awesome) Snow Leopard for all eternity. Even MacBook Pro’s from that era with excellent specs (and a lofty price tag) were lost. I saw this moment, looking deeply at my 2006 black MacBook, thinking, “I could make a dent in the universe,” much like what Steve Job’s probably thought while his company created the elegant machine.

Within 3 days I had a working version of the first beta running from an external hard drive on my unsupported MacBook. My success ended there. Updates weren’t supported, and I accidentally updated iTunes to 10.3, making it corrupt. Once the announcement came and past, I thought of making a video on how to do what I managed to do, although the thought escaped me within a few days. Then I received word from a friend about what happened to his MacBook Pro. He managed to spill a glass of water on it in excitement when the download for Lion became available (he pulled an all-nighter). I thought to myself, “If someone with a MacBook Pro hardly faster than mine but several years newer can download Lion, why can’t I? Mine lasted longer anyway!” The problem lies in Apple’s use of 64-bit technology in Lion. No, not quite like the Nintendo 64 you had growing up. The Intel Core Duo processor is nearly identical to the Core 2 Duo, other than the support for use of 4GB or more of RAM in the Core 2 Duo, allowing 64-bit. If you have less than 4GB of RAM, the difference wont be large. Lion supports less than 4GB of RAM, but not 32-bit processors. Only processors technically capable of 64-bit.

With a simple removal of the Platform Support file (whilst the hard drive is in a 64-bit Mac) we were able to enable the Core Duo and Core Solo processors to work perfectly fine on Lion. We decided to package this in a file available to download and install on your pre-64-bit Intel Mac. It will be available within a few days from now, including a step by step guide.

Update #1 – I now have iTunes fully working. But news doesn’t end there, I finished deleting unnecessary (and personal) files, and I am currently compiling it into a disk image. When I release it, you will be able to download the disk image, and put the files on a new partition. I will have a step by step written, and video guide, so don’t worry. Once you finish copying the files, you will be done! Everything will be installed, and you’ll have a fully working 32-bit Mac running Lion.

Known problems (b1)

  • No recovery partition (the partition that replaces the install DVD in Lion)
  • Updates to iTunes corrupts the app
  • Some minor graphical problems with recording/editing video (I should be able to fix this)