A new hope

Its been nearly a year without any updates. Let me explain. I had it hosted through someones server. I really didn’t want to deal with breaking it up in a RAR or doing a torrent. Too many people were desperate to get Lion on their older machines, and it was causing too much strain on his server, so he cut it after about a month. at this point, i had a shiny new MacBook Air, and had lost hope. I gave up. In the past year, I’ve received emails just about everyday. People want Lion. Finally, someone emailed me offering to host it, and I figured, what the hell, I’ll give it another chance. So, I’m informing you I found the older files, and hope to get it back available ASAP. No ETA’s yet, and I can’t guarantee it even works (haven’t seen it run in a year, after all, it was beta 1 of Lion, Apple could easily set an expiration date like Microsoft does with beta software. I do know you can no longer do a clean install of the betas, but Roaring Core was a clone of a previous install). Thanks for all the responses I’ve received from this. We’ll see where it goes.




11 responses to “A new hope

  1. Why not just torrent?

    • Torrents can be messy. First, I’d need to leave a server on all the time to host it until it gets enough seeders (and until it gets to a good 20 seeders, the thing would be incredibly slow). Also, Comcast (“XFinity”) automatically caps bandwidth to barely dialup speeds for a day or two after you torrent. You can get past this by enabling encryption, but most people will forget. While torrents are easy enough to download, I don’t really want to be the host.

      • how big is the file?
        i’ll share a dropbox folder with you, put it in there, and i’ll host the torrent

    • Tate, I’m finding that some international users are experiencing problems with it on Google Drive’s servers. I’d appreciate it if you could host the file as a torrent to give users a mirror. Thanks!

  2. Travis Hutchins

    I can put on my rapidshare account!

    • Travis, I’m finding that some international users are experiencing problems with it on Google Drive’s servers. I’d appreciate it if you could download it and post the file to your rapidshare account as a mirror. Thanks!

  3. I have used this Developers Preview 11A390 of Lion extensively.

    I have found it to be very stable. It is also very easy to deeply customize. I have used it 1st in a 2006 MacBook Pro 1,1 (Core Duo) and recently in a 2006 MacBook 1,1 (also Core Duo).

    I have never had any problems with it, other than a weird failure to be able to use the ‘Enable AirDrop on unsupported Macs tweak’ . What happens is when 11A390 is trying to transfer a file via AirDrop to a Core 2 Duo Mac running Lion 10.7.2. although AirDrop is enabled on both Macs, (using the tweak) there is a failure to transfer the file. Drop Copy works flawlessly, (obviously) however.

    It would indeed be nice to see an interest in 11A390 continue as it is a unique version of Mac OS X in its own right. It is structured internally like both Snow Leopard as well as the later Lion GM releases in many ways. What makes it so unique is that this ‘release’ of Lion has a foot hold in both worlds. It is like a missing link as far as Mac OS X is concerned. As such, it is actually very valuable.

    Unfortunately, I never had the chance to get ahold of the correct packages to install the Server version of 11A390 and I would dearly love to someday be able to do that.

    Perhaps, if this site becomes revived, that my become possible.

  4. Will there be any updates past the beta/delta version? I was wondering also if soon we’ll be able to update this through apple software update? I would like to be able to update some of my programs to handle full screen mode such as Logic and Aperture, but I’m wondering if I’ll be able to since the fact that this is a beta form and programs are finicky about what particular .os you have (such as 10.7.2).

  5. Nathaniel S. Hardy, Jr

    Will you be putting this on the Internet again anytime soon?

  6. I’d be willing to do the same.

  7. Hey when is this download going to be available?

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