Download NOW!

Thanks to Keith Thomson providing his server, we now have our Roaring Core build uploaded and ready to download! A written guide is within the zip file, please follow it. I’ll post the video later today, I promise.



17 responses to “Download NOW!

  1. Thank you very much to those of you who put all of your hard work into this! I will be more than happy to provide any support that I can. Currently downloading now!

  2. This works like a champ. Besides some of the obvious gesture support issues (which there are ways around), this is a full-functioning copy of Mac OS X Lion on my 2006 Mac. Not only do I not have to upgrade my laptop because of Tyler but, extremely happy with the outcome of this! Congrats, Tyler and thanks for all of your hard work. I know it’ll be appreciated.

  3. Hello there! I can also report a successful installation.

    A few things that I noticed was that there is still some of your personal information embedded. During Spotlight’s indexing, it says “Indexing Tyler’s Macbook.” Also in the address book, all of your personal info is still there.

    Another question I had was about any future updates. I noticed that this is actually the Beta version of Lion (I’m assuming you used the .plist removal trick.). Is this missing anything important in comparison to the latest version? Another question was I noticed in the intro pdf you mention you’d update the builds as needed, but would these be updates or a whole new image?

    Just some things I wanted to clear up before I get comfortable. I’d hate to have to keep re-installing everything as updates come in.


    • We’re working to make the process as streamlined as possible. This includes delta updates, real installers, etc. You can no longer do a fresh install of b1, so I couldn’t remove the info about my MacBook.

      • I too saw all of Tyler’s personal info. It ranges all the way from keychains stored in keychain access to the home directoy being under your name to all of your info still under address book. Also, I’m assuming you also has MobileMe as when I went to put my MobileMe info in it literally merged with all of your MobileMe info…EEK! Could I suggest for the next release that you wipe your computer and start from there with a more “generic” username? More for your protection, I hope you understand.

  4. Thank you very much for your hard work! Installing with your guide was really easy. Is there much difference between the final version and this beta? Once again thanks!

  5. Also, for this website, I’d like to suggest forced registration for access to this download link. This will help to protect both you and the kind hoster from extraneous downloads and many other issues that may pop up.

  6. Thank you, it kinda works and seems faster on my 2006 macbook but I found 2 issues. Chrome does not work and my Apple ID is for Polish Appstore only so I can’t use Appstore, because it gives an error and says to click ok to go to Polsih store, but it does not.

  7. Hello !
    Thank you for the hard work.
    I can confirm that the install is very straight forward and works well. I am writting this from the newly Full-Screen Safari App.
    Where should we report which applications do not work properly ? And how and where can we donate ?
    I can’t wait to be able to be able to update the version of Lion and any updates you may have.

    Thank you !

  8. Hello from Mexico, thank you very much for your contribution now I’m downloading the file, good to have someone spend all their effort to the cause of death not see the Intel Core Duo, Thanks. Hear how I can make a donation? You deserve it.

  9. bhasty sebastian

    hey… thankyou verymuch for all your hard work.. im very happy to know that my core solo hackintosh can jump it’s wheels to the very frustrating roadblock. a big advance thanks to you.. others right.. maybe if you think of another updated release, just wipe your infos out there for the protection of a very geek minded guy like you.. again thank you 🙂

  10. Please for the love of god fix the trackpad for those of us who want to use the old way. Other than that, keep up the incredible work!

  11. All works well. Put this on my Mac Mini 1.66ghz Core Duo with 2GB ram. Installed on a 120gb OCZ Vertex Plus SSD in a firewire 800 dock (so that I can easily switch back to my old Snow Leopard install just in case. Works well, no issues yet. Will try a few apps like photoshop and torrent and the like to see if things go well.

    Otherwise many thanks for the awesome install package! 🙂

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