File hosting

I finished the build. It is totally working. One problem I realized after compressing the file, no free file hosting allows you to upload 5.88GB at one time. FileDropper has the most at 5GB. All I need is a paid account for file hosting that allows 6GB or more per file, unless you can find a free one that allows 6GB or more of space. Please consider donating to the project so I don’t need to put it in a torrent file (we all hate them). I also will need a little bit of money to get external drives to expand the project, as well as more development tools to fix problems with it. But for now, I just need enough money to get proper file hosting. If you donate, you are helping the entire 32-bit Intel Mac community.


5 responses to “File hosting

  1. For now, how about splitting it into 4 .rar files? That would be perfect for uploading to Or, if you could somehow get the file to me, I can do it for you and provide you with the links. I could give you temporary FTP access to my site to upload it so that I can split it for you if you are interested. Let me know!

  2. Sorry to be impatient but any update? Thanks!

    • I’m working with an eager Core Duo user to get the file on their server, so you can download it. You should be able to get it by Tuesday or so.

  3. Hello there!
    I sent you another e-mail entitled “OSX Lion File Sharing” please let me know how you’d like to proceed!


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